9/11 Tribute to our Troops



"Hello my name is Chris L. and I have a mom, step-dad, two sisters, and a dogg.When I grow up I wont to be a soccer player and I need a scollership to go to callege because my mom and step-dad don't have enouph money.But if I don't get a scollership then I will have to go to the army to get the money to go to callege.I was born in Lexington, North Carilina and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. When Igrow up I wont to visit Los Angeles, California.My step-dad was in the Millitery and was one of my cusins but Iwont to go to college and make alot of money.Well thank you for protecting me and my Country."

"Dear Soilder,

Hi my was Kyle b and I go to Lynhurst 7th & 8th grade center in Indianapolis,Indiana. In two years I will be going to Ben Davis the largest High School in Indiana. Indianapolis is home of the Colts there a good football team and the winner of the 2006 Superbowl, but the Indianapolis Pacers which are the wwwooorrrsssttt basketnall team ever. I'm writing because today is 9-11. Thank you for figthing for our country. Indiana also has the largest Childern muesum. Also the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

sincerly, "

Kyle b.



I would like to take this time to thank you for protecting our country for the many years you all have.

I am writing to you from Indianapolis,IN.

I go to lynhurst, located on the west side of Indianapolis.

In two years I will be going to highschool at BenDavis.

BenDavis is the biggest highschool in the state.

My name is Stephen Michael Still JR .

I am 12 years old and I am in seventh grade.

When I get older I hope to be a soilderin the Marines.

My aunt is in the army,also my great uncle and my great grandpa was in the army.My great grampa died shortly after

Viet Nom. Indiana is very nice. I am not saying its the best smelling or has the least amount of violence here but after you lived here for litle you get used to it.

but overall it is pretty nice.

Once again I would like to tell you thank you for everything you are doing.

sinserilly,your friend,

stephen s"


Dear Solider,

I am writing this letter to thank you for protecting this country. You are so brave for puting yourself in war like that. I am so happy that everyone's family has not been hurt because of you guys. You guys are so cool. I know a couple of people in Iraq. I am so happy to have someone read this message.

I go to Lynhurst. It is a Jr. High school. I am in 7th grade. Lynhurst is located on the west side of Indianapolis. I am 12 years old and only 4ft 8in. tall. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I play the trumpet. I am very good at it. Next year, I will join Jazz Band.

Indianapolis is very cool. It has a zoo! The baketball team is called the Pacers. Colts is it's football team. The colts are my favorite team. I also like the Bears, Chicago's football team.

Indianapolis is great! I hope one day you could come here. You would have a blast!

Your Friend,

Jacob S."


Dear Soldier:

Hi my name is Danielle and go to Lynhurst 7th and 8th Grade Center. In two years i will be going to one of the best high school and thats Ben Davis High School. Here at Lynhurst I have had alot of fun so far, two of my favorite teachers here are Mr. Day and Ms. Cepeda. They are really great teachers and their very nice. We have teams here and im on Collegiats, one of the smartest teams.

Here at Indianapolis it has been going pretty good. The zoo is really fun, you get to see all the beautiful animals. Its really great. The theaters here are cool you get to see all the movies that come out there and at th IMAX you get to see them in 3D. Our governor is Mitch Daniels and so far as I hear he is a good governor.

I am writing this letter because today is the anniversary of the September 11,terrorist attacks.Also because I want to thank you for protecting my country and risking your life.I also wanted to thank you for keeping me and my family safe.I just want to show my appriciation.

Thank You,

Danielle H."


dear soldier,

My name is tyler moore and i live in Indiana. I gi to school at the 7th and 8th grade lynhurst center. In two years, i will be going to Ben Davis High School and its the largest school in Indiana. Id like to tell you about some of my teachers here at Lynhurst.

One of my teachers is Mr.Day. He is my social studies teacher and is one of my nicest teachers here. He always encourages me to keep trying my best and he can be funny with his raps. Also, another teacher i like is Ms.Cepeda. She is also another nice teacher on my team. She is the language arts teacher and is fun to be in her class.

Now I would like to tell you about Indiana. Indiana has all kinds of things to do here. We have the amusment park Holiday World and it is a water park and a roller coaster park. We also have the Indy 500 and thats the Nascar race to see who will take the Nascar cup. Id like to tell you about Mitch Daniels. Mitch Daniels is the govenor of Indiana and gives indy all its rules.

My assignment today is to send a letter to a soldier in Iraq. Im suppose to tell you about myself and Indiana. also to thank you for fighting for the US. Im writing this because of the 9/11 attack on the twin towers.

I want to thank you for fighting for us. Im sorry for any of your comrads who have died to save America. Also id like to thank you for going to the army and im going to join the army some day.




Thank you for evey think that you done for us. I hope you will win the war. Here in Indiana not much is happing. We had the stae fair come in to town.

Do you guys play video games I do,

There are some war game out they that is juce like the real war, Like Call of duty 4 modne warfair. It is a cool game,

You guys should go see a new moves. I see all kinds of moves. Iveseen new X Man,#9,2012,Hollaine. They are all cool moves.

I hope you guys are ok out there. I know it is real dangers out there. So wach your back. And rember you Guys are doing a good job out there.

Your friend, Dakota w.


Tyler M. "


How are you? I am fine.At my school, we are writing to a soldier. I asked my teacher if i could write to you, and she said that that was fine. so i went dowm to your moms house and got your address. so what is it like at basic training? im sure its not too fun. ever since you left, many things have changed. your mom got a very nice used GMC envoy. and the pond in your moms back yard is complete. also, cody is off of his cast,AND, i got a xbox360! so anyways, it is pretty lonesome here in indianaspolis without you. Nick has been pretty sad as well. since this is a letter coming from school, i have to include a little about what it is like here at lynhurst. my teachers are all very nice, and i do not have gym this semester. also,thankyou for putting your life on the line to defend our country. now back to about anything BUT school. so,once again, i would like to hear what it is like there in fort still,OK.have you got to handle guns yet? have you gotten any other letters yet? have you made any friends? sorry i am asking so many questions, i just have a big sense of curiosity. i am writing this letter of a website called letters to soldiers. well i will see you around christmas before you get shipped off. and by the way you will come home to a nice,yellow mitshibishi,lancer. goodbye!




How are you? Do you know when you are coming home? How long have you been there? Where are you from?

Are you married? Do you have children? I am sure they will be glad to have you home. Did you leave a job to serve? Will you return to that job?

What do you like to do? What do you like to eat? Do you like sports? The first NFL game of the season was last night. The Steelers beat the Titans in OT. It was a good game. I like NFL Football, NBA Basketball, MLS Soccer, and pro tennis.

Is it hot there all the time? It has been cooler here. We got rain yesterday and more is predicted this weekend. It is beautiful here this morning.

Thank you for what you are doing there.


Dear Soldier,

Hello! My name is Taylor G.. I am 12 years old and I live in Indianapolis, IN. I attend Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center. It's amazing here, but it's a big change from Elementary school. Anyways, I am writing this letter in regard to September 11th. I was only 7 years old when it happened. And, I remember the exact day. It was a very sad day for us. And, it still is. Today, we had a red, white and blue contest on our team. Sadly, I had no blue to wear, so I wore as much red as possible. In my school, I am on the Collegiate team. I have two amazing teachers, here. One of them is Mr. Day. He's awesome!! He raps and he is very funny. He is my social studies teacher. The other one is Ms. Cepeda, which is my language arts teacher. We are writing these letters in her classroom. After 8th grade, I will go to the 9th Grade Center, and then onto Ben Davis. Ben Davis is the biggest highschool in Indiana, and it's really amazing. My sister goes there, and she loves it. Our team is the Indianapolis Colts. Their awesome!

I am sure you do not live in Indiana, so I am going to tell you a little more about how it's like to live here. Indiana is a great place to be educated. They also have amazing food. Not only do they have fast-food places, but, they also have great restraunts. I'll name a few. Well, one is Pizza King, which is mostly pizza and breadsticks. Another is Lahacienda, which is the BEST place, by far, to get Mexican food. My favorite out of the two is La hacienda. My favorite fast-food place would have to be Subway. Everyone loves $5 footlongs. In Indiana, we have the Lucas Oil Stadium. That's where the Colts, our football team plays. We also have the Conseco Fieldhouse, where our basketball team, the Pacers play. Our WNBA team, also plays there.

This letter is mostly to thank you and your friends! Although, I do not accept nor support the war that is going on, I am very thankful that you are out there keeping the United States of America safe. Me and my family, and all my class mates, really appreciate what you are doing for our country. I've always had thoughts about being a Soldier, when I turn 18. But, I have a 2 year old sister that I will probably be taking care of when I am older. And, I don't think I could leave my family. Do you have any kids that you left? I think I would also be scared to be a soldier. Getting shot? That kinda freaks me out. Are you ever scared?! September 11th is probably one of the saddest days that I have ever experienced. We were watching a 9/11 tribute video today, and my eyes got a lot of tears in them. Seeing the pictures really made me sad. Anyways, I cannot thank you enough for what your doing!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And, my heart goes out to you.

Have A Nice Day!

Taylor G."

Dear soldier:

Hey my name is shaquille and I go to Lynhurst 7th and 8th grade center. My school is honoring 9-11 by wearing red, white, and blue today.Two years from now I will be going to Ben Davis It's the biggest High School in Indiana.I'm on team Collegiate at Lynhurst It's a great team.The Indiana Pacers Stadium is located here It's very big. Team Collegiate is going to the Imax at the Museum for a Fieldtrip on 9/18/09 it's gone be fun. Are Governor is Mitch Daniel.Thanks Soldier for fighting for our country.


By: Shaquille H"

Dear Soldier,

hi my namne is Geea and i am from to Indianapolis,Indiana and i go to school at Lynhurst Middle school i am 12 in the 7th Grade an i make As and Bs on my reportcard. i am writting you this because i klnow that you are out of the country risking your life to fight for my safty and freedom. so because i know your all alone i n the middle of no where i thought that i can cheer you up by telling you about me and what i do in the USA. every day after school i go to my house and i take a nap then i would go outside to play with my fri ends there names are arriana and Shaun they both live near me they are eso cool they are the besties friends i could ever have . Now Lets talk about school some more at LCH (Lynhurst Center) we have different things at are like we have different color lanyards for my team we have red and are name is called Collegiate because we study more about college than the other teams our school is great and if you get a chance send us a letter of how your doing thank you for every thing please try to write back (Sincerly, A Friend From Lynhurst Middle School hope you like hearing about me and if you send me a letter back ill enjoy hearing about you BYE!!!!!)"

Dear Soldier:

Hey my name is AuBrayon and i go to Lynhurst 7th and 8th grade center. My school is honoring the soldiers of 9-11. We are very proud of having men and weomen fighting to keep our country safe. Indiana is such a wonderful place to live. In two years I will be in the 9th grade at one of the biggest schools in the state Ben Davis High School. In 3 years we will have the supper ball here(this is where football teams play to win a cup) and hopefully our team the COLTS will win. We also have an I-max Theater in the Indiana State Museum were team Collegiate(witch is a team with red lanyard in Lynhurst)is going. Also for this anniversary Lynhurst would really like to thank every brave,caring,loving soldiers that have fought to keep us safe.

By: AuBrayon B.P.S Thank you for all the hard work and commiment you have showed this country and if noone i am truly greatful!!!!!


!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!! "

Dear Soldier,

Hi, my name is Elizabeth P.. I go to school at lynhurst 7&8 grade center. Today at school were having red, white, and blue day because its the anniversary of the terriost attack. I forgot so im going to change when i get home.So anyway i love living in indianapoilos because its hot and a big place. Today its hot and 80 degrees So i think that im going to go swimming later on. Well before i stop writing I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us and keep up the good work!"

Dear soliders,

I'm very glad that you all have decided to help to keep our country free. I just wanted to let you know that what your doing is the best thing for our country to be and stay free. I can't wait until you guys, and girls finally come home.

I would like to tell you about my day here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I usually wake up at about 7:30 so i can get ready for school. Then i go downstairs to help with my brothers and sisters, like getting them dressed, so they can get to the bus stop on time.when thy leave for the bus I finish getting all my things together.Then, I'll walk to the bus stop with my friends. At school I go to my locker and get the things i need for that day. We have even and odd days at LHC (Lynhurst Center). so on even days i take Lang. Arts, Pre-Algebra,Social Studies, and Choir. On odd days I take Lang. Arts, Pre-Algebra, Science, and Health,I hate health. Whats your day like?"

Dear Soldier

I appreciate you taking time out of your life to fight for our country. Well as you know my name is Jasmine and I go to Lynhurst 7 and 8 grade center. Right now I am in Language arts right now and my teacher Ms.Cepada told us we would be wrighting to soldiers. In two years I will be going to Ben Davis High School, Ben Davis is the Largest High School in the state of Indiana. When I first heard that I was amazed. I will be going to the biggest High School in this state. I hope that your family is praying for you. If their not then you have someone in Indiana who is. "

Dear, soldier

Hello I am Kasey I am from Lynhurst 7th and 8th grade center in Indianapolis Indiana I am very exited to be typing to you today. It is September 11th the anniversary for the terrorist attack. I was only very little then but I do remember it up to this day and I know how much of a tragic it was for America. I really appreciate what you are doing for our freedom and for sacrificing your life for all of us. In 2 more years I will be in Ben Davis high school which is the biggest high school in the state I am really looking forward to it.

In Indiana the colts are real big along with football but I like the Pittsburg Steelers they are my favorite team. My favorite player is troy polamalu. Do you like football it is by far my favorite sport. Where are you from, I already told you I am from Indiana and its warm summers and freezing winters and today it is sunny and a high of 80 degrees so it is kind of hot today.

So I am about done telling you what I am like. So I will be going now but I want you to know how thankful I am and everybody else is that you are sacrificing your life for USA. So keep doing what you do and remember that everybody appreciates what you do for us."


and more are coming in