OPERATION ENSURING CHRISTMAS IV is collecting donated new items, certificates, gift baskets, toys, clothes for infants and kids of two special units' military families by

December 11th for one of 200, and another of 80. 

Thank you Chick-Fil-A for donating 200 Toy Cows with free meals, MImi's Restaurant for your great Carrot Bread, Coldstone Ice Cream owner for getting your family involved, and Build-A-Bear for donating Stuffed Bears for the kids.  We have 100s of Candy Canes, Lotions from Tahitian Noni and other items being donated too.  Join in on this fun Sub-4-Santa project by emailing us at info@letterstosoldiers.org

"Hi Denise,

I hope you had a good weekend. I shipped out some goodies today. I had one camo outfit, so I dressed it on a regular sized animal; maybe you can raffle it off or something, I’m sure you can find a good use…Otherwise, I just sent a nice selection of random things.  Best of luck and let me know how it goes!


Community Relations Bear
Build-A-Bear Workshop®


"LOVE all the pictures, they look great!! I’m so glad we could help. It sounds like the monkey went to a truly deserving new home J

Happy Holidays!"

Lauren Hoffmann
Community Relations Bear A Bear

"Hi Denise,

 I will be in Provo today and am planning to drop off the gifts/donations we have received to date – we have quite a bit.  I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be in Orem between 1:15 – 1:30. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,"

Stacy Stetner

Human Resources Director Alphagraphics

The Utah Human Resources Council 5 chapters have been gathering items and donations to ship more deployed Utah military care packages, and are dropping them off this week, anyone want to come volunteer to make those packages, or the gift bags for the families of soldiers serving in AFghanistan for this Saturday, or who wish to just go shop for kids with your family for these families, please let us know at info@letterstosoldiers.org

One family of COLDSTONE Owner Greg, shopped for kids and filled our drop off box yesterday, thank you. 


"I met you at Saturday's Christmas party that I went to with my sister. Thank you so much for putting that all together. I know right now my sister needs a lot more support with her husband being gone.

 I wanted to give you my contact information in case you needed help with anything. I support what you are doing and want to help. Below please find my contact information. :)

 Thanks again for all you did for my sister and the rest of the group that night. I really appreciate it. "


Thank you so much Carrie, we do need help making more care packages as donations keep coming in.  Our 100 presents we collected for kids

gift bags we gave to families with Mimi's Carrot Bread and Free Appetizer Card, 250 Chick Fil A Cow toys, Build A Bear $5 bear bucks with 1000 bonus points, free dinner certificate, box of candy canes, and more.

And 12 expectant moms got our Baby Gift Bags.

We loved seeing our wonderful families that made video wishes on packaging day. 


Well we did not raise the remainder $9,000 we needed so everyone in 8 Units we committed to could get their own care package, so we redid all 800 care packages over 2 weeks, and thank you Fran, Brad, Heather, Tamara, Ruth, Myrna, CAmicha, Rebecca and others that came to help out a few hours.  Director spent last 72 hours working nonstop to get  them done in time to ship out 10/27/10.  Thank you Edward of USPS, Retired ARMY Veteran, for always being so kind in picking them all up.  Thank you Erwin, Debbie and staff at Iguana Ink for donating printing of pre-paid labels that took only 9 hrs with Laser Printer, and Endicia Rick Bodie for helping us get these done for 3rd year.  Here are pictures of repackaging 800 care packages with 3 to a box for 980 Marines, 2 to a box for one Ntl. Guard unit, and double for 2 Army Reserve units, and only a few of Another huge Ntl. Guard unit had to be doubled.  But all 1,600 of every item shown  here was put into these 800 care packages along with US Soccer Federation Soccer Gear into one unit in Iraq's packages.  




11/06/10 From our Troops protecting us: "Tell Everyone Thanks Again!"

 What went into this year's packages: 100 minute Calling Card, Hand Made STocking, Hand MAde Hankerchief, Home-made Brownies and Rice Krispie Treats, Kencraft Candy Sticks, Silver Shield Cream, Alleviate Sports Cream, Tahitian Noni Hand Lotion, Young LIving Ninxia Juice, The WEdnesday LEtters  book, Flag, Payson Growers Specially labelled Dried Cherries, other treats collected, Free Bloomin Onion OUtback Steakhouse card, 10% Off Military Discount Card to Applebees, Utah Valley Magazine, Utah School Cards made by Schools from Logan to St. George, School Made Banners, Christmas Decorations, Soccer Gear and Tshirts, Chritmas Wishes from Packaging Party DVD, CD of PositiveandMusicdownloads.com artists, and other collected items.

The most beautiful 2,093 Hand-made STockings

So many wonderful hand made with love items  from all over Utah  went into this year's packages.

Along with these amazing Soccer balls, cleats, long-sleeved shirts and posters thanks to The US Soccer Federation Passback program.  The unit in Iraq that is receiving these has a special 3rd tour Soldier who started giving Iraqi kids things in 2003 on his first tour and started Operation Give and will know just what to do with all the 80 balls, cleats, etc.  This will help our soldiers show the Iraqi people how much they love the children there.  They do so much humanitarian work over there and that is all the pictures we mostly see on the laptops they bring back with them. 

Hand made hankerchiefs.OPeration Ensuring Christmas IV Packaging Party DVDS into each care package. Thanks to BEST BUY in Riverdale and our wonderful Hedgehog Solutions in their 3rd yr reproducing these. Thank you UVU Senior Digital MEdia students under the direction of Elizabeth who edited this in 2 days. 

255 Marines' packages were so heavy with 3 of everything in them

321 Special NAtional Guard care packages with Soccer gear could not be stacked since the Soccer balls bulged so much.

Other units had to be doubled into one package with love.

Brad Tamara, ARMY wife Heather and mom Tamara worked after work from 6:30pm to 12:39am to make sure one more unit of 200 Utah National Guard got their care packages along with the 7 special ones made by wives and one mother of soldiers. 

Projector collected for one National Guard unit sits as care packages have to go due to long way they must go to get to Afghanistan.

As packages were all overstuffed, labelled, customs forms attached and taped twice around so they would not open up.  Ready for USPS pick up for 4th year in a row.  Thank you all who made this special project possible. 

Read replies from our troops below this green box as they come in.

"Hi Denise,

Thank you for calling me last night to get my email address. I am excited to get the pictures. Was there a copy of them sent to my soldier, or do I need to do that? Also, what about the video messages, were those sent or do I get a copy of that as well? Thank you so much for hosting this event. My family and I had a wonderful time and I know these packages will make a huge difference to all the soldiers who receive them".



As always it way fun to do this for you and your Soldiers.  If you ever need me again, PLEASE  just call. If you could  contact the lady that took the pictures, I would like to have a copy of what she took. Please give her my e-mail address.

                       Love you always, your friend,"                                                               SANTA


"Thank you so much Denise!!!

That is my soldier's daughter!  Very sweet!

I'm so happy to hear the packages are arriving and that you have survived!!!!

You have a wonderful Holiday Season too!!!


"My name is Kimberly Orton, and I am a reporter for the Daily Universe.  I am writing a story about sending care packages to soldiers.  Will someone please call me, so I can ask you a few questions about your organization?

Best Regards,"

Kimberly Orton
Daily Universe
Brigham Young University

Re: Santa Photos: "Mine included me and my son and then one with my parents and nephew with santa. My husband did get the package yesterday he said. Yes, I did get some free dinner coupons. Thank you"


"Thank you for the great pictures! Great work!

Love, Willie
Wilhelmine Aufmkolk, Germany

From mom of female soldier from Utah in Afghanistan: "She will record the opening of the stockings, she's so excited to help you with that!
Thank you!  Hope to hear from you soon!"


Volunteers assemble holiday packages for military



 THE THIRD PLAQUE OF APPRECIATION WILL BE GIVEN TO THE COMPANY THAT HELPS SEND THE 980 MARINES IN AFGHANISTAN INCLUDING SOME OF OUR UTAH MARINES LIKE CPL. JEREMY MORRISON FROM WEST JORDAN BY DONATING THE REMAINING $9,000 NEEDED TO SHIP THE PRODUCTS ALL WAITING SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO SHARE 4 STOCKINGS TO A PACKAGE.  And $2,000 for 200 Utah Soldiers serving in Afghanistan who’s wives, mothers and children came to make their husbands/sons extra special care packages, get THRILLER Tickets and Free Dinner Certificates for the family. We still have THRILLER tickets and Dinner Certificates for more families of Deployed Military in Utah at info@letterstosoldiers.org.

Help us send more than just these 7 packages of 200 in unit that wives/mother made.  We have all this left to make 980 more care packages but no funds to send them.  

From our director who cried as she held these 7 care packages preciously in her arms:  "Please help us help these  Wives and MOthers who represent the 200 wives and mothers, husbands, fathers, and family members with sons/daughters, fathers/mothers and husbands/wives with the UTNG in AFghanistan. They not only made extra special care packages with 4 stockings full of 4 x each of the great donated items like 1,600 Payson Fruit Growers Dried Cherries with "You are in our thoughts and prayers" on each specially made label, or the Homemade Rice Krispie Treats with Label "Made in Utah with our Love and Support", 60 minute calling cards, and Zip Locked NEWAYS, Tahitian Noni, Nature's Sunshine, Young Living expensive, natural and special care products, and tons of cards from all the Utah Schools that participated, but a banner you see their own kids made on a roll of paper towel, though tons of butcher banner paper was being drawn on by other kids, and wrote "Daddy I love you. C."  As I handed them Free $500 dinner certificates to CHeesecake Factory, or Sunflower Market and other $25 Applebees, Kneaders, and Free meals to Café Rio, Rumbi Island Grill, Noodles & Co., and Brick Oven and others, and told them they could take as many of their family members as they wanted to see the production of "Thriller," that Odyssey Dance Theatre has partnered with us for 3 yrs now to donate to deployed members' families, the wives cried.  I had them hand their little packages they specially made with their little kids and parents for their husbands and one son, with the filled out customs forms so they go directly to that soldier, and as I look at these poor 7 boxes when I know that 200 brave men and women are out there serving in AFghanistan, I ask everyone to please help me raise the $2,000 more we need to send 200 boxes for each soldier to get their own specially made in Utah with loving help of their own families.  We have enough to fill the extra 790 Marines packages, and the extra 200 soldiers packages but we just need to raise the postage.  Thank you, Denise" Thank you PCTV and Jen and Karilyn for having me on the MTN Morning Show to make a plea for our Utah military and families.  I am so grateful to Odyssey Dance Theatre and Costa Vida for allowing me to give 200 tickets to THRILLER which tomorrow evening my soldier and I, his Soldier friend and family, and 3 very special wives and mothers of currently deployed soldiers and their kids are coming to dinner on Costa Vida and to see this great production with us.  This is such an exciting opportunity to spoil these great families. And one is coming clear from  Preston, Idaho. Read Special Story below about other one.  One mom has 3 kids in the ARMY and her daughter heading to Afghanistan is so brave. We love all these dear families and Soldiers/Marines and want to spoil you more.

"Hi Denise,

I do remember you.  Absolutely!  We'd love to have you on the show.  Please call Jen Hardman at 435-649-0045 who is the producer of the Mtn morning show.  Great cause!  Thanks for doing it. "

 Stanton (PCTV)

 Thank you:

Shirlee Webb of Highland, UT for $100


 Please put Nu Skin down for $1,000.00!  I am sorry we cannot do more at this time, but we want to do at least something to assist you with this most worthy cause.


 Gary Garrett

Thank you Utah County Chamber of Commerce Women's Division for $500

Linda in Orem $100

Bonnie in Orem $100

Teresa or Orem, UT $20

Beverly of Orem $50

Central Utah Surgical Center $45

Shanon of Southhold $20

Pam of Provo $20

Donna of Chula Vista $50

Josephine of Acworth $10

Kai Solutions Inc. $30

Jennifer $20

Seth $20

$1,340  as of 10/20/10

"Dear Denise,

What a beautiful night it turned out to be. You had hundreds there willing to help make packages, and the food vendors were so awesome. A lot of hard work girl!!! It was a privilige to serve and sing. I only wish more kids were there when Santa Clause walked in. I tried to acknowlegde him when I was singing. I hope he was able to give his video wishes.

 love you girl. You can thank God for helping you do yet another successful event, and all the people that came, it was awesome to be a part of it.

Hoping next year will be even bigger. When I go to nashville in April, will talk to everyone I meet out there and see what I can do to bring some big names to what you are doing.

Thanks so much for everything you have done. U R AWESOME!!! "

Wendy (LanternLane) We love our dear friends of the Utah County Timpanogos VFW and our dear buddy Commander Edwards here on left.  Thank you for supporting our efforts for 3 yrs now and we wish to ask everyone out there to support these brave men and women who have served our country bravely and sacrificed so much.  Thank you for the invitation to spend this Christmas again with you:

"Hi, Denise I would like to Invite You to our Post Christmas Party Wed 12/8/2010 at 6:00 PM. The Party is at The Orem Golden Corrall Restraunt. Tell them when You come in that You are with the VFW, and the Party is in the North West corner of the Restraunt in the closed room. Hope to see You there. Merry Christmas. Commander Edwards "

Drew Reese, Lanternlane AND TAe SMITH  Sang their beautiful songs as IMFLASH and other Community families made special care packages with 1,600 of:  Noni Special HAnd cream, NEWays Alleviate sport cream, Nature's Sunshine silver shield gel, Young Living ninxia red juice, Payson Fruit Growers delicious dried cherries, Applebees 10% off anytime for military and every sunday for whole family gift cards, "The Wednesday Letters" books donated by Deseret Books, Utah Valley magazines, hand made rice krispie treats, brownies, hand made stockings and hankerchiefs made by grandmothers, buy students, DAV auxiliary and Daughters of Utah Pioneers ladies, cards from school districts brought down from Logan by teacher Sherese Merrill and mom that did photos for wives of military with kids with santa that will be emailed to deployed soldiers, video wishes by 100s of volunteers and military families that will be duplicated thanks to best buy donating 1,600 dvds, and Hedgehog Solutions in Orem for 3rd year in a row that will duplicate the dvds to go in each care package, banners were made for each unit drawn by children and signed by the families of those deployed units, CDS BY THE MITCH HANSEN BAND AND JENNY PHILLIPS, 60 MINUTE CALLING CARDS, PEPPERMINT STICKS FROM KENCRAFT CANDY IN ALPINE, AND GREAT COOKIES AND OTHER TREATS COLLECTED BY VOLUNTEERS, GAMES DONATED, PENS BY SO MANY BANKS AND COMPANIES, AND MORE INDIVIDUAL ITEMS. Caren Harris saved the day by buying $67 worth of ice cream, and picking up certificates from restaurants for military families of deployed soldiers and Mimi's best Carrot Bread. She also helped load and unload truck till end of night. Thank you Caren.    




THank you Drew Reese and Lanternlane for making the mood of the night so special, patriotic and moving for all the volunteers and military families. Thank you Ammon of Taylor Audio for getting there to put on the whole sound system even though you had a blow out and crashed on the way there. What a Hero you were! And thank you Shawn of Taylor Audio for donating these great services for the 3rd year in a row.  Taylor Audio has the most dependable, professional sound, lighting, stage, video services in Utah!

ATTENTION: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED THIS WEEK PLEASE TO HELP FINISH FILLING, CALLING FOR REMAINDER POSTAGE FUNDS NEEDED FOR 990 MORE CARE PACKAGES, PRINTING LABELS, PRINTING LETTERS FROM SITE, TAPING UP AND GETTING PACKAGES READY FOR PICK UP THIS WEEK.  $7,000 for shipping costs raised, and need your help raising $10,000 more so none of those we committed to will go without something from home this Christmas. OfficeDepot and Staples will not be donating this year, so we got $50 gift card from Lindon WalMart for 600 labels and need 400 more, and Debbie at Iguana Ink will give us free ink for 15 cartridges if we can get 15 901 HP black Ink cartridges. Thank you And we need to get 30 rolls of clear packaging tape donated too, so all the funds collected can go to shipping costs so more military will get them.


I spent about 4 hours tonight with my family working at IMFT to help box up the items you collected for the soldiers over seas. After discussing with my family, we wanted to ask if there were other activities or needs that we could help with in the future. I understand hundreds of things needed to be done prior to the event tonight.

We currently live in Lehi but are from Texas. I spent 6 years on active duty in the USN many years ago as well.

I look forward to hearing from you,"

Joe D.


"I have to tell you about our amazing miraculous story:  First I have tried to get the POC and APO to send one of our soldiers units their care packages since being at HQ at FT. Douglas this summer for another unit's send off.  I have tried to get Mr. B. to reply for months since July, and could not get one. Then I went to do Assemblies for Logan schools and then received a stack of letters written by B. and M., and their teacher that was just sending us her school's cards as other Utah schools do, asked us in a letter if there was a chance for them to get  to their father in Afghanistan.  When I saw the unit's number, I was determined to get the unit's info and make sure these letters from one soldier's little boys would get to him.  Then their mother emailed me before the event that the whole family was coming to help out and make their dad's package at Operation Ensuring Christmas IV,  and I told my volunteers:  "this is not a coincidence and I really have to go the extra mile for this family and their father." 

Here are one of letters from this soldier's son: "Dear US Soldier,

 Thank you for serving our beautiful country. I'm a kid out of many that knows what you do.  My dad is in Afghanistan and being over there is hard. My dad is a medic...I appreciate what you're doing. Your family wants you back like how I want my dad back. I hope you get home,"


M. 14

From Mom:

" Denise,

I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face.  I usually dont get too emotional, but your e mail was what we needed today.  I have had the flu the last three days and could not make it to Operation Ensuring Christmas. … We are so grateful to you and all that you do.  Our family support group is small but always willing to help when needed.  We usually just get together and go to dinner.  There are only 8 of us.

The kids were so excited about those letters.  We had no idea they would actually get to go in the boxes to N.'s unit.  This is so exciting.

Please let us know how we can help.  And once again, thanks for all you do." J.

"I would love those tickets for Thriller if it would not be a problem.  I will be in Salt Lake on Thursday.  And I really meant what I said about helping.  I live in ..., so it is not as convienent, but I come south quite a bit.

Have an awesome day,"




Mini disposable wipes, toothbrush, foot powder, Qtips, video games, Cds, Dvds, and players needed still. 

"Myself and four of my children will be attending and helping out where we can." "J"  one of our military families

Thank you donors for helping us ship 1,600 deployed military their Christmas Care Packages with this year's Operation Ensuring Christmas: $16,000 for USPS FLAT RATE SHIPPING COSTS FOR EACH TO GET THEIR OWN PACKAGE NEEDED BY OCT. 1, 2010.  (Raised so far $7,000)

Thank you IM Flash for offering $2,000 for shipping costs and hosting OPERATION ENSURING CHRISTMAS PACKAGING DAY Friday Oct 15TH In Lehi. from 5pm to 9pm in their Cafe with their employees and they have invited all of our Sponsor, volunteer and school families to join us.  We hope to have food, entertainment, and giveaways for all participating.  UVU Film crew will be filming Video Wishes to our Troops, and banners and cards with our wishes will also be made along with the care packaging.   1550 E. 3400 N. Lehi, Utah 84043

 The Biggest Thank You to J im from West Jordan, UT for the most generous donation of $1,000

Lindon, UT WalMart and Jackie for getting a $500 Grant

SunRoc donated $500 and is having their employees volunteer

Niel Craig gave $500  Craig's Heating and Air Conditioning in Santaquin

Ruth D. for $200

Marilyn E. Spanish Fork, UT $50

Garry P. of WEst Bountiful, UT $50

Renee T. of Utah for donation of $30

Jamie Tribble Of FL $30

Jill of Lehi $30

Michelle, mom of daughter and son in law in Army

Jim and Sherry Retired ARmy

Kendra S. MA  $30


"We made it last night!  It was very entertaining!!
Thank you so very, very much!!
Glad to hear the brownies were all made!  See you this afternoon or this evening.
Tina (Mom of a soldier)

"Hi Denise!
You did a fabulous job last night... I wish I could have stayed longer.
Thank you for letting some of the 405th families have some of the Thriller tickets!
Here is the info for the ones we would like." Janet (mom of two plus soldiers)

"Can I get 18 tickets for Saturday the 23rd? Thank you!!!" S.

'Cell Phones for Soldiers" for the 1,600 calling cards


 I shipped out 13 boxes of soccer gear for your organization today on UPS Ground. It should take about 3-4 business days to get to UT. Here is what I was able to send:

 180 t-shirts- youth sizes

180 Abby Wambach posters

180 water bottles

~ 70-90 pairs of shoes- three boxes worth

50  Soccer balls- deflated, new, size 5

 The t-shirts, posters and water bottles come as a kit. There is one of each in each poster tube. There are 9 boxes of these with about 20 in each.Please let me know when the boxes arrive so that I know you got them safely. If you get any pictures, that would be awesome to see. But I completely understand what you guys are doing and understand if none are sent to you.

 Keep up the great work!

 All the best,"


Passback Program Manager

"Denise, I am working on fulfilling the 1600 items for you and hope to have them shipped to you for next Friday delivery. Will that still work for you?"

Nicole Rice

Regional Marketing Manager | Outback Steakhouse



Ann, Shirleen, Klea, Leah and daughters, Karissa and your LDS Wards and other wonderful volunteers for making Christmas Stockings, Hankerchiefs, brownies, Popcorn Balls, Rice Krispie Treats, and making phone calls for donations for shipping costs.

NATURE'S SUNSHINE WONDERFUL PRODUCTS IN THEIR 2ND YEAR AS PART OF OUR SPONSOR FAMILY JUST DONATED 2,100 "SILVER SHIELD GEL"  worth over $22,000. What a great thing for our military to have over there. (it works really great on sore muscles! " thanks Eric  UTNG ret." We have 2,100 bottles of Silver shield gel if you would like to come pick them up."

TAHITIAN NONI DELIVERED 1,600 LOTIONS THE PACKAGING DAY, Thanks Jeff Farnsworth.  Each zip locked baggie was filled with 4 to 5 special personal care products t his year.

Thank you Ghislain with NuSkin for helping 3 days with this project, Karissa for organizing your ward to make 48 boxes of brownies, Leah and Ann and Shirleen for making a bunch too and Ann for doing so much this year including organizing 1,600 Rice Krispie Treats with special labels.

Thank you Dalton's Memorial Engravings is making 3 Metal Appreciation Plaques for the companies that really stepped up this year for the first time. Thanks Kim for your support for the past years.

1,600 Homemade Rice KRispie Treats wtih special labels:

"How many cases of brownie mix will be needed?  Please let me know so we can help.


"Carolyn Brown Honeyville Grains, SLC

Honeyville Farms, Brigham City, UT

Carhart is making hankerchiefs and donated pens

American Fork Bank for 1,000 pens

Payson Market for 160 bags of Marshmellows

Fresh Market 10 bags of Rice Krips, Harmons 11 bags, WalMart in Payson 12 bags

Maceys Spanish Fork 1,600 sandwich bags

Orem Harmons for $50 or waters for event

Macey's in Orem for 1,100 Gallon Sized Zip lock bags for personal care products.

We could donate 500 CDs of "Endless Day" by The Mitch Hansen Band.

These CDs are inspired the by the popular "Twilight" books and are reallly great music. Positive Music Downloads

Utah Highway Patrol,

Central UTah Surgical,

Whitaker Sand and Gravel is paying their employees to come help,

Subways owned by Santaquin residents

 "donation of 500 tubes of Alleviate Sport Cream that really helps stop pain" by NEWAYS

"500 great healthy drinks from YOUNG LIVING FARMS

"1,600 Calling Cards" FROM CELL PHONES FOR SOLDIERS  and many other items being collected.

"1,600 small flags from Colonial Flags"

"2,000 Hand Made Christmas Stockings from all over Utah"

"100s of Hand Made Hankerchiefs made by grandmothers and great grandmothers in Utah"

"1,600 packages of Dried Cherries" Wow PAYSON FRUIT GROWERS really went out of their way to thank our Military with these 1,600 specially labelled cherries:

"300 Chicken Sandwiches from 4 Utah County CHICK-FIL-A AND THE COW IS COMING TOO








"1,000 Utah Valley Magazines"

"1000s of Christmas Cards by Utah Schools"

"1,600 Candy Sticks from Kencraft Candy in Alpine, Utah"

Thank you Deseret Books For donating 1,600 copies of  "The Wednesday Letters" by Jason P. Wright

Thank you Chick-Fil-A for bringing 300 hot sandwiches and the COW, Mimi's for the Carrot Bread, Rumbi Island Grill, Applebees, El Pollo Loco, Cafe Rio, Brick Oven, Cheesecake Factory, Sunflower Market in Orem, KNeaders, Chuck A Rama, Chili's, Jwags, Costa Vida, Goodwood BBQ, Harmon's and other food places that gave us dinner certificates and food for the military families.

 Ann already collected $500 from one company in Santaquin, UT that is paying their employees to come on packaging night, and last year collected 1,100 Hand Made Xmas Stockings.  See her article in our Utah Deseret News: Click "Press" on index page.  09/14/10 Ann just called us to tell us that The Payon Fruit Growers are giving us 1,600 prepackaged dried cherries for the care packages, said Chad Rowley.  Thank you Santaquin 2nd Ward for making all those Rice Krispie Treats. 


Cache Valley students honored for letters written to soldiers

Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:15 am

"With his son Nephi, 3, at his side, U.S. Army cadet Ben Lang, of Logan, thanks Willow Valley Middle School students for their efforts writing letters to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan Tuesday in Wellsville. (Braden Wolfe/Herald Journal)  

Students attending two Cache Valley schools were honored Tuesday for winning a statewide competition that had kids writing letters to deployed military from Utah.  Willow Valley Middle School and Woodruff Elementary School tied for writing the most letters - which were delivered to servicemen and women on the Fourth of July - in the valley and the state during the competition.  Students' efforts were celebrated with a visit from local servicemen and Denise DeVynck, director of Letters to Soldiers, the organization that led the drive for Independence Day letters and cards.  DeVynck said the Cache County and Logan City school districts together made 1,500 cards and letters for the Fourth of July.  "These cards and these letters and these banners that these kids make are priceless," she said.  She said the words students write express sentiments that she hasn't read anywhere else. The letters and cards are appreciated, DeVynck said.  "The soldiers and Marines, airmen and seamen love the cards from the kids more than anything else." she said. "That's their favorite thing."  To thank students, DeVynck presented each school with a basket of scrapbook supplies to use for cards and banners for Christmas.  During the assembly at Wellsville's Willow Valley Middle School, students heard from Sgt. Ronald Lorenz, who is with the 144th Area Medical Support Company that is deployed in Afghanistan right now.  Lorenz, who does administrative work for the company and lives in Layton, told students receiving letters boosts morale. "It just means the world to us," said Lorenz, who received letters and care packages from Utah students while stationed in Iraq.He applauded students for their help: "You kids, you're the true heroes."  Cadet Ben Lang of Logan spoke to students while his son - who was dressed in uniform like his father - stood at his side. Lang has not been deployed, but he has participated in basic training and   advanced individual training in Virginia. Lang said that when he left, his son was so young he could hardly walk and he couldn't talk. When he returned, Lang said, his son "could walk really well and he was talking, and so we miss out on a lot. And while we're gone, what we depend on is letters from you guys."  Lang said he received a lot of letters while in training. For every one he received, he had to do 20 push-ups.  I did a lot of push-ups, and it was wonderful. So keep writing. Keep our guys in shape," Lang said.  Sherese Merrill, a physical education teacher at Cedar Ridge Middle School, has been the valley's liaison for Letters to Soldiers. Merrill got local schools involved two years ago because she wanted soldiers' work and sacrifices to be praised. She said she is passionate about supporting soldiers. Merrill wants kids to have an appreciation for their service, and she thinks they do.  They understand and have empathy," she said.  Merrill said students' cards and letters were well written and student participation was impressive.  "I think that's something to celebrate," she said. DeVynck, who started Letters to Soldiers in March 2007, is now leading an effort for Christmas cards and packages."

For more information, visit www.letterstosoldiers.org. E-mail:

akirk@hjnews.com  Watch video of assemblies



"Dear Denise,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Thriller evening we were blessed to be able to spend with you.  I really enjoyed meeting you and spending a great time!"

 Amy H. and family


"I am part of the Utah Human Resources State Council and would like to organize a military holiday drive.  Please contact me as I have some questions that I would greatly appreciate your assistance with. (250,000 members Nationally and 2,000 members in Utah want to send approx 50 care packages, and we have more units we can ship to if we can raise the shipping costs). "

Thank you,

Stacy Stetner

Human Resources Director 



11/01/10 From one of our ARMY Medical units we shipped packages to: "Thank you.  We have arrived in theater and are settling in here for our year long deployment."  1lLte. P


"On 15 October a lady Vet and I went to Lehi at IM Flash a company  who offered their cafeteria to do the packing along with inviting their employee's to help with 1600 care packages for Deployed Veterans with " letterstosoldier.org" . I undersand there were at least 500 people there. Many families with little children helping. It was a great experience.

I  turned in 924 Christmas Stockings {450 last year} 38 woman became involved { 15  last year}  9 did Brownies plus Brigham City 7th Ward Young Woman  20 children's cards of thanks for service. 1 bag donated with snacks in it. Collected from 7 people $105 to turn in for postage help. { $42 last year.}

This will be done again next year so anyone wanting to get involved please let me know.

Thank You again for all the help given to make this project successful"

Shirleen P Bess

Immediate Past State Commander Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary


"Good Morning

 I live in South Africa and watched Extreme Makeover over the weekend and there was a bunch of people writing letters to Soldiers.

 I would like to do the same and still let them know what even people from over the sea think about them.

 I would like to send letters to soldiers….

 Regards," Tashlynne van Niekerk

De Meyer & De Vries Attorneys



10/12/10  "Could you tell me how to a soldier to your list to recieve care packages?

Spc A

.If you could add this soldier to your list I would so aprreciate it!

He will be deployed till May of 2011" Armywife...

If You Can't Stand Behind Our Troops Stand In FRONT Of Them!!!

09/05/10 "Denise—

 I received your e-mail and will contact our production manager regarding your event.  Good luck with such a worthwhile cause!"

 Laurie   Kencraft, Inc.(Peppermint MIll Candy)


 I received a donation request for candy on Friday.

You also contacted Laurie Syme at Kencraft.

We would like to fill this request of 1600 candy sticks for your care packages.

Do you have someone available to pick these items up?

 I will have them ready at the front desk on Friday, October 8th (preferably in the morning between 9 and 10 am)

 We will also post the flyer in our company lunchroom.


 Cindy D.  Production Manager Kencraft, Inc.

09/04/10  From: Randy Hall
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 9:51 AM
To: info@letterstosoldiers.org
Subject: Re: Halls Confections  (these are the best dipped apple chips, chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats)


 I may have some product for you. Would the delivery address be the same as on this email?




 We would be happy to donate 1,600 4x6" US flags to go into the packages.  You can have someone pick them up when you pick up the 20 flag kits you are borrowing for the event."

 Liz Swenson | Buyer Colonial Flag

09/2/10 ATTN: If anyone has a projector to connect from computer, please let us know for one of the Military Units we will be shipping to: "I am buying an X-box from the chaplain that I am replacing. He has a room in the back of his office where soldiers come in after missions and play games and unwind. However, he is taking his "one-eye" or projector that hooks up to computers and projects on the wall back with him to the states. Do you know of any businesses that might have an old one that they would want to donate to our cause over here. Boy, it surely would be appreciated. Let me know, and thanks again soooo much!"  "And thanks again - you guys are so awesome!!!  We sure do love ya!" 

LDS Church Humanitaria Dept:  From: Rob Smoot
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010 6:51 AM
To: Letters To Soldiers
Cc: Daryl Mastin (BYU Media Surplus)

 Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.  Your request has been reviewed and approved.  I have let Daryl Mastin know that you would be contacting him to make the arrangements. " ( We picked up the projector that weighs 25 lbs. and now need help to package it well so it will travel to Iraq safely and help shipping it to our soldiers." 


I just wanted to pass along to you, hoping you can get the word out to our other military members... 

But all military members get a 50% off discount on ALL of my music from my online music store  drewreese.bandcamp.com

 The discount code is: warrior_ethos

thanks Drew"

Anyone have anything soccer for our soldiers and marines to give to kids?  We just got 2,000 tennis balls from our friend Roger from "FOR EVERYBODY"  and they will come deliver them and help with packaging and Roger can make a special package for his nephew serving in Afghanistan.

09/30/10 Thank you restaurants donating certificates and Chick-Fil-A in Orem and AF and Brick Oven for donating food for packaging volunteers. Chuck-o-rama, Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, Cafe Rio, Rumbi Island Grill, Artic Circle.  (We need more to award and thank military families, volunteers.)

09/23/10 We sure love the FRG leaders of the military:

From one of our dear FRG leaders: "Hi Denise

Just got your email! It looks like a great production again this year for putting the packages together. I will make sure I let everyone know within our FRG organization.

Also, just wondered if we can take advatage of the Thriller tickets? I know quite a few of our soldiers and their families that would love to have a fun night out.

Let me know!  Thank you Thank you!!!"

10/03/10  "We will make three pans of 9x13 brownies and then package squares in saran wrap  for you to add in. "


09/20/10 "I was able to get rice crispies, marshmellows and the sandwich bags, donated by three of our local grocery stores. Also, I wondered about the labels to go on them, about being handmade here in Utah. Do you want me to make those labels to go on the treats?  The Payson Fruit Growers, are making their own labels and putting them on as they box them. They are wonderful!!  Am gathering people to make the treats, and having good success. I also went to the local newspapers, and they are running articles asking for donations. It will be interesting to see the response.Many companies want their employees to come help package:  the Whittaker Construction families, and their company is going to pay them for helping. Also, the Zions Bank employees, here in Santaquin, who have asked to help, and several individuals."

Thanks, Ann

09/17/10" We could donate 500 CDs of "Endless Day" by The Mitch Hansen Band.

These CDs are inspired the by the popular "Twilight" books and are reallly great music.

Where do you need them to be delivered?" Positiveandmusicdownloads.com

09/15/10"Hi Denise,

 I wanted to get back to you in regards to your request for help from IM Flash for your Letters to Soldiers program.

 I’m pleased to tell you that our Community Involvement Committee unanimously agreed to help your cause! The CIC committed to the following:

·         Provide $2,000 in funding for shipping costs

·         Provide space at IM Flash for packing boxes/getting ready to ship

 We can provide space at our site on October 15 starting at 5 p.m to 9pm in Cafe, entering from Patio to Cafe and not sign in lobby, . for our employees to participate as well as those out in the community who would also like to join in."  Details coming for all to participate in this fun day with UVU student film crew for video wishes, entertainment and more. Email us at info@letterstosoldiers.org if you wish to join us.

09/13/10 " I'm emailing to see if Letters For Soldiers would be interested in partnering with Peartreegreetings.com to help send thank you letters to the troops in Afghanistan during this upcoming holiday season. The cards will be donated by Pear Tree and sent to the first X teachers to register their classrooms, to be colored in and personalized by their students.

 This will be a wonderful opportunity to share some holiday cheer with those that might be feeling a little far from home.

 If this is something that would be of interest to Letters For Soldiers feel free to email back or call our office: (212) 620-7100.

 Thank you."

 Stephen Buttafuoco | Public Relations 
Spring, O'Brien & Co., Inc.
50 West 23rd Street | 11th Floor | NY | NY | 10010
t. (212) 620-7100 ext. 217 | f. (212) 620-7166


"Hi Denise,

 Per our conversation today, I have been able to arrange a donation of 500 tubes of Alleviate for Letters to Soldiers.  This is a sports type run for soreness so should be particularly useful for overseas soldiers.

 I will let you know as soon as they are pulled for pick up.

 Best regards,"

 Colette Dahl   |  Associate Marketer

Personal Care and Public Relations

Neways Enterprise Inc.

From our dear friend in TX: "To all my Friends, This is important to me! Even thow we live in another State, we can still help!!"

"Good Morning Denise

 The event went well in my opinion. Way to hot & humid! Thank God we had tents for people to retreat to from the Sun, along with Fans. I estimate threw out the day we had 20,000 people walk threw. Military did a incredible job for me, Along with ROTC. And the home presentation was overwhelming to say the least!

I have alot of volunteers for next year already. They have fresh ideas, and want to take the strain off of me.

I think we may have 1000 cards filled out. And I still have more being filled out. I have not done a count so I am not sure.

For the first event we took in almost 10,000.00 far less than what I wanted. But not bad for the first event and a bad economy.

I do have a Gentleman that does professional Golf Tournaments. He wants to attach one Friday before the event for the next 3 years. Yields us big $$$$.

How soon do you need the cards by?

Your the best, Much Love."           Doctor Larry 



08/30/10 5,000 post cards like this will be filled out at this event for Letters to Soldiers packages this year. Thanks Doctor Larry  (UPdate from our Friend Dr. LArry 09/13/10  "To Everyone,

From my heart, I say Thank-You very much! For your help in planning, participation & unselfish sacrifice in this Blessed Event that God led us to present to our community for our Military & Threw donations, benefiting "Helping A Hero". I could never of achieved Gods Goal with out You. For this I am very humble & thankful!

It was insanely hot, humidity out of control. Yet as I watched my team give relentlessly & enduring the conditions. I kept thinking of our GI's in full armor on the battlefield in 120 degree heat, protecting our Freedom so we could give them this event. I am so very proud to have worked this year with each & everyone of you.

So much Joy came from Helping A Hero with the Home Presentation. Seeing that fine young man with his family, as tears rolled down his cheeks. He was so overwhelmed! Let us not forget the other wounded GI's that were with Helping A Hero. My heart goes out to those fine young men. There lives will never be the same, as ours. They paid a very high price to protect our Freedom! They are my Heroes!!!

To all that gave blood, Thank-You. The results at the event...34 pints! wow! Plus the pints that were given prior to the event should put us over 40.   Again, unselfish kindness.

To my U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, U. of H. ROTC, and Kingwood High School ROTC. Your participation excelled this event beyond my wildest imagination. You truly are professionals. You should be very proud of your selves for displaying the example of what our county, The United States of America was founded upon. I salute You!

Uncle Sam, Cindy Nash, & our select Bands, Your entertainment was a true tribute to our cause.

Sponsors, Donators, Vendors, Blue Star Moms, and so many more. May God Bless Each & Every ones Life for your unselfish support.

Let Us All Give the Glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, for Inspiring Our Hearts to Do His Deed's. Amen. 

 Sincerely Yours, "Doctor Larry" C. Krueger"

08/23/10  Odyssey Dance Theatre is offering 200 Free Tickets to their production of "THRILLER" in October for deployed members' families: (You must RSVP before 24 hrs before show please)

"Dear Denise,

Here are the dates/times at Kingsbury Hall: 

 Thurs. October 14th, 7:30 p.m.

Sat. Mat October 17th, 2:00 p.m.

Thurs. October 21st, 7:30 p.m.

Sat. Mat. October 23rd  2:00 p.m.

 "Just collect their names and number of tickets each wants and e-mail them to me, please, no later than 24 hours before the performance they want to attend—the sooner, the better, because some of the performances sell out. Please stress to them if they end up not being able to attend, they should either give the tickets to someone who will use them or call the ticket office at 801-585-1612 to release the seats so they can be sold.

Another notation: Not recommended for the faint of heart or children 10 and under. "                                                                      


08/17/10  " Please let all the NG Soldiers know we are all praying for your safety and return to your families.... And please let your families know to contact me at their convenience to participate in making the care packages and anything we can do for them.  Please let them know not to hesitate to contact me.  I meet with all support organizations and Military One Source on Sept 1st and presenting to them what we are doing and anything you might need or your families might need help with. We are all honored to serve you and your families. Thank you for your brave service and be safe and let all the soldiers know that Letters to Soldiers, DEnise, all volunteers,and many others love and appreciate all the NG soldiers and their families.

Thank you "


-----Original Message-----
From: Chaplain T.
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 2:39 AM
To: Letters To Soldiers

 " As soon as I get my  address, I will let you know.  Thanks again!!!!!"

Chaplain T.

08/16/10 "Hello, how do I go about requesting care packages for my soldiers and I that are currently deployed to Iraq?

thanks!" Update 08/17/10 "we are out of ...We are doing a 12 month deployment to Iraq. There are 5 of us ...

.my unit has 5 including me. The rest of my unit is spreadout in Iraq

We are all males and we provide communications for the Transition Team that is helping the Iraqi army.  I appreciate all you guys are doing for us and thank you very much!"

 SPC F. US Army


Friends and supporters, I just got a call from our wonderful supporter of Letters to Soldiers in Texas, Dr. Larry Krueger of Larry's Automotive in Houston.  He has been planning this event: "Military Appreciation Days" at local Harley Davidson Dealership all year to buy a home for a Wounded Warrior and collect 5,000 postcards, banners and funds to ship them with Letters to Soldiers to our currently deployed military with Operation Ensuring Christmas.  We need more sponsors as we only need to raise $14,000 more for shipping costs of Utah Deployed 1,600 military in Iraq and Afghanistan this Christmas.  All the local companies, Volunteers and Schools are making stockings, cards, gifts, treats and wonderful products for these packages and by October 15th all are invited to make the packages, listen to great music by local artists, and make a video wish that will be duplicated by Hedgehog Solutions and put into each care package.  Please contact Denise De Vynck about participating in this national effort and help us Support our Troops: "My Darlen,

 Just got off the phone with our printers. The postcard size that you use, is it  4.25"  x  6.50" ?

 And the front says LETTERS TO SOLDIERS?"

Thank-You...."Doctor Larry" C. Krueger, President

We are also talking with Nashville Artist Colin Raye's manager Dave Fowler and our local Timpanogos Harley Davidson General Manager Rick Story about putting on the biggest Welcome Home Troops Celebration and Concert in 2011 with signed guitar by Colin Raye, Dolly Pardon, Diamond Rio and other Nashvilled ARtists for auction. 



 My name is Austin T. I am looking for a eagle scout project.  I am interested in getting supplies donated to you. "


"Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: FOUO

To Who It May Concern,

      My name is PFC S. I am currently located in Afghanistan. I was looking thru the internet and came across your page. I know quite a few soldiers that could use the help and support from organizations like yourself. What kind of information do you need on the soldiers? The following is our address where we are currently station. Let me know how what information you need to boost our soldiers moral.


07/19/19 From our 1,000 Marines preparing to deploy we sent 1,300 4th of July cards to:


I was just informed that they arrived in this mornings mail.

SO I will get them out to our Marines and Sailors ASAP.

Thanks again."

Chaplain K.

"Good morning,

 I am only speculating here, but...

So due to the July 1st mailing date it may have been misdirected to California, and will have to now make its way back to ...

However, I am sure we will get them sometime soon, and I will be sure to let you know when we get them.

 Thanks for you concern and understanding."


Chaplain K.

Cpl J.from West JOrdan, Utah is doing well after tough month in desert of training, and he keeps the faith and is very positive.  Wow we love getting updates on how you guys are doing, and really are committed to do all we can to get you all a care package while you are deployed. And we hope to plan the most amazing Welcome Home Troops Celebration and Concert next Summer for you guys:

"Hi Denise,

I wanted to write to you today ...Also as I promised I will be home this Tuesday (I am in Canada today) and will send something out...just give me an idea as to what you want.

 Collin LOVES America and is all about our soldiers I can assure you.

I will do what I can to help...just let us know what that will be.

Bless you for what you are doing!

"Representing Collin Raye

Dave Fowler

07/13/10 From our favorite and loyal TV station and media friends: Thank you Amanda, Angie, Nicea and other great reporters and producers for helping us get the word out:

"Right now I have an opening on July 20th or the 21st. Do either of those work for you?"
amanda summers
goodthings utah


 Cpl J.
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 5:17 AM
To: Letters To Soldiers
Subject: RE: Fourth of July Favorites - July 2, 2010

 "Wow; it sounds like you have been busy? It also looks like you all had a lot of fun over the 4th? I was actually able to see my children; so it was an OUTSTANDING weekend!!!

 I have not heard of any mail arriving for the Marines yet; however, we are behind on our mail service since returning from training in California. So I am quite sure the 4th of July cards you sent should arrive shortly?

 Thank you again for everything Denise; I am sure you will help to make this upcoming deployment far more bearable for myself and my brothers here in...?"

0701/10 "Thank you Denise.

I have heard that mail going to Afghanistan is sometimes taking as long as nine weeks to reach Marines in the field. That may not be normal or average, however, as you plan for sending items for Christmas, you may want to give plenty of lead time. A mail by date of November 1st for Christmas deliver might be a good idea.

Thanks again,"

Chaplain K.

07/07/10 From our number 1 Volunteer Coordinator: "Denise,

 Thank you for sending me the letter and it is just what I need to give to those who I contact. I'm sorry that you had to have the flu at this time of year when you are so busy, and hope you are feeling better.  I know the Lord loves our troops and  the sacrifice they give. The Christmas Boxes are so necessary, that I think we will be able to get the things we need to reach the goal, and touch the hearts of those who love and support our troops. We do need more volunteers, and I am hoping to talk to some of my friends here and see if they would be able to do some calling for you, I don't know, but will ask around.

Thanks again, Ann"  We do need volunteers to help us in the next 3 months to reach our goal to ship 1,600 care packages to deployed military.  Please contact us at info@letterstosoldiers.org to help out. Thank you

From our friend Larry in Humble,TX
"How do I talk to this denise lady?"

Family Readiness Support Assistant
Houston, Texas 

06/3010 We shipped 3 boxes of 1,300 4th of July cards to our  Marines with Chaplain K. and Cpl. J: Thanks to all the schools that made them!Cache Valley School District won the most 4th of July cards made with 1,500 cards.  Thank you all kids and teachers. Canton, GA, LoveJoy HS from Lucas, TX, George Mason University from Fairfax, VA, Fish Kill Girl Scout Troop 10571 from Agewell Jct., NY, Cornerstone Christian School Shelbyville, KY, Stratford HS, Stratford, WI, Wisintainer Middle Schook, Brunswick, OH, West End HS, Walnut Grove, AL, JOhnson Bank, Pleasanton, CA, Woodruff Elementary with 438 letters, Millville Elementary, Pine Middle Schools of Utah.

N. Plainfield MIddle School in N. Plainfield, NJ made two gorgeous banners and we sent one to the Marines with 4th of July cards to wish them a safe return from Afghanistan.  Great Job!

"Hi denise,
It was so nice to hear from you. The donation of 600.00 was part of my son Austin H. Eagle scout project. He put together 500 care packages after raising the money himself and then after he finished he still had 600.00 left over. We found your website and thought that we would get another set of care packages out. Austin said he would love to meet you and get a picture for the completion of his project.
Let me know what are good times for you and will try to set something up with you.
Thanks for all you do,"
Julie f.

06/30/10 From ARmy Reserve Personnel specialist: "Denise, Thanks for all of your hard work. See you on Saturday. Best, CSM Gary C."  We got him and the families of the a Medical Unit we just helped send off this week discounted tickets to the Stadium of Fire Saturday.  It is an honor. Thank you Freedom Festival organizers TJ and Paul, and Brett at MAAKOA.

We wish to thank the  National Guard Col. M., K. and others from the  Battalion of 350 soldiers leaving for Iraq this Summer for inviting us to their very moving Send Off.  We will be sending them 350 care packages in October. The Chaplain and his wife were very gracious at this very difficult Good Bye and he is so wonderful to accept and distribute all 350 care packages we will send. Thank you Chaplain.

 There were many soldiers and their families we have known from past deployments and packaging days.

Our friends with the Patriot Guard Riders do these send offs, standing for 2 hours holding the flags and are very respectful and dedicated. We thank t hem for coming to award Commander Edwards his Appreciation Shadow Box Plaque at the VFW Convention. YOu guys are amazing.

 Sgt D. that we sent packages to in 08 with Another Battalion is going again.  IT is an honor to send him a care package again. He makes  Bracelets out of parachute chord with pins like American Flag and raises funds to help soldiers' families. Soldiers hold their new babies for the last time for 12 months except for a 2 week leave in the middle of their tour.

Single soldiers from other states sit alone with no family to send them off.

Governor Herbert came to wish them well and show his gratitude. HE told us to call his office to meet with him in a week. We were happy to put up banners made by Utah and other US Schools thanking our soldiers.

Good luck soldiers   Our volunteers accross Utah are making special things to put in your care packages. Thank you for your kindness families  and other wives that have contacted us about participating in making packages.  Thank you Chief WIggles of Operation Give for your words of support for our efforts.


We also wish to thank the ARmy Reserve  Medical Unit at Fort D.Col. R. Major S., LTC P. and the soldiers of the Army Reserve Medical UNit heading Iraq for inviting us to their wonderful Send Off. THank you Freedom Festival Committee for finding 20 more $10 tickets to the STadium of Fire for the families of these deployed soldiers. We will be sending them care packages in October. Girl friends learn about first deployment

Mother soldier leaves behind 3 small children with husband for 12 months. We were honored to bring 4th of July cards for all the soldiers and banners like this one made by schools.

Father soldier holds 12 week old baby for the last time for 12 months. We had more banners around the room from Utah Schools.

 06/29/10  Kathreen in the Bay Area is on a college running team at Notre Dame College, and talked to her coach about doing a 5K fundraising event in August to raise funds to send care packages to deployed military.  Her boyfriend is a Marine and going on his 2nd tour of 12 months, so she understands the importance.  HEr sports team is sponsored by NIKE and so she was surprised when we told her that our 10 plus page online application for 40 pairs of sneakers for the soldiers was denied.  And when she asked if she could call local companies like Apple Computers, we told her that their donations department told us they only donate to local charities in Cupertino, CA.  She was really surprised. She wishes also to contact companies with fellow students to donate for the packages to get to our deployed military.

"My daughter, Jennifer D. is presently Miss (N) California for National American Miss. She will be competing in a new arena, Miss California International in September. She is looking for a new platform to serve, presently running a children's ministry, food bank volunteer, QADD-Queen's against drunk drivers, and Red Dress Gala- raising $ for Women's heart decease. She attends University of Arizona, Buisness major, a ambassador for the University while living in a sorority house of over 200 members. She serves on the a Greek standards board serving greek members facing troubled issues. She is seeking a new platform that she can get involved with and I sincerely believe we have just found it. We are interested in serving in the East bay area of SF, CA and Tucson, AZ? As her mom, I think she could inspire our soldiers to have hope, while showing compassion and appreciation for all they do! Could you please have someone contact me regarding getting Jennifer involved.

Thank you for your time,"

Debbie D.

 "My name is Ryan Kirkendoll and I am with the High Desert Mavericks.  We are a minor league baseball team located in Adelanto, California.  On Saturday, August 14th, we will be having a Red, White & Blue Night to honor the men and women who protect our nation.  I came across your organization while searching for groups that might be interested in getting involved with our special event. Can you please send me more information about your organization?  I look forward to working with you and getting you involved in honoring our American heroes.

 Thank you very much,"

 Ryan Kirkendoll

Marketing Representative

High Desert Mavericks


"Hi Denise!

I'd love to try to help the soldiers.  We helped two of our troops these last few Christmas's from our Parish, I think we were able to take care of about 50 soldiers...
I can start Christmas cards, etc. in October, ready for November mailings.  I can also try to get some donations - last year we had a specific list of requests - we can do the same if you have some preferences you'd like us to try to get.
Give me some ideas, deadlines, etc.  Happy to do what we can.
Hope you are well and happy!
06/19/10 "Dear Letters to Soldiers,

My name is Dara Toulch and I work with Erika Maya at Ballantines PR. We are interested in doing an event for our client, which is Downtown Santa Monica, and would like to do a letter writing campaign in honor of July 4th and all the soldiers overseas.

We are interested in partnering with an organization do a letter writing event that will take place on June 30th (Wednesday) at the 3rd street promenade, during the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. 

It will be a lighthearted event and we will provide things like tables, etc. 

Please email me and let me know if you would be interested in being part of this letter writing campaign!

Hope to hear from you soon!


From some of our STAR amazing volunteers like Shirleen, DAV (Disabled Veterans) Auxiliary President in Brigham City, Utah that made and collected from her auxiliary 476 hand made Christmas Stockings in 2009:

"Good morning Denice.

 Yes I am the one here in Brigham City. I currently have 656 stockings done. My DAV Auxiliary has been working on this. .

Thanks for all you are doing."

Battalions we are committing to ship care packages to this year:


"Dear Denise,

My name is Chaplain K.

I am the Chaplain for Marines.

CPL J.  said he goes to church with you and you wanted me to contact you about care packages for our Marines and Sailors for Christmas, while we are deployed in Afghanistan.  Thank you for your willingness to support the Marines and Sailors ..  I am also coping our Family Readiness Officer, J. as he will also be a good contact source for you during our deployment.

Thank you again. Blessings,"

Chaplain  K.