If you wish, you may write your own message of thanks and encouragement here and we will print them on Nice Valentine's paper. We'll deliver your Valentine where it's needed most, to make sure that as many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen now serving overseas, are somebody's Valentine.

Our 2009 Valentine's Day STudent Winner is William Onofre from the "Our Lady of Sorrows" School

some of his letter to our troops: "....when we went down stairs to see Obama's speech, we had some trouble with the (sound), but we got a radio and then we could hear Obama's speech.  ...Thank you for helping our country and all 50 states, thank you for protecting our 13 colonies,...I saw a Tribute to the troops on WWE ...(he names servicemembers) in Iraq. ...Happy Valentine's Day."

Some of the other cards from schools all over the country:

Thank you all the schools, teachers, and students for always remembering our Troops!!!