Wow with two WElcome  Home/Citizen Warrior and Change of Command of Returned Soldiers from Iraq and AFghanistan of A Battalion and Brigade of ARmy Reserve back to back last two weekends, it has been amazing. Thank you for the Certificates of Appreciation and beautiful coin.(updates coming weekly as we work with planning committee)  Volunteers needed 

Chaplain Moss, Col. Read, Denise and General Frink Jr.

Brownies that sold 100 Girl Scout Cookies

Change of command  Soldiers sing

SFC M. took an envelope of Cache Valley School District Thank You cards, REmember his beautiful card and photo he sent us after receiving Christmas Care package? Kodak has kiosk on base in Iraq where soldiers can have picture taken and printed for $1 to send home. They don't have writing materials so we need to send them some.

Lindon WalMart donated two beautiful Full Sheet Cakes with Welcome Col. J. taking over command of Army Reserve Brigade.

and WElcome HOme for the soldiers of this Brigade

And our favorite family joined us at the luncheon.  Everyone loved the Koopuwa juice donated by MAAKOA.  Thank you Colonial Flags too for lending us 20 flags the soldiers loved to put around Ft. Douglas  And big surprise LTC F. is home safe too and with his family. 

"Hi Denise,

I wanted to write to you today ... Also as I promised I will be home this Tuesday (I am in Canada today) and will send something out...just give me an idea as to what you want.

. Collin LOVES America and is all about our soldiers I can assure you.

I will do what I can to help...just let us know what that will be.

Bless you for what you are doing!"

Representing Collin Raye

Dave Fowler

(our reply:

Hi DAve,

 "And thank you so much for remembering Letters to Soldiers and most importantly our brave military serving overseas.  Yes Cpl J. from WEst Jordan, Utah is heading out to the most dangerous part of AFghanistan with 980 Marines.  He is the best friend of WEndy, Melanie's cousin who invited us back to meet Colin Ray and also gave our DVD to Colin earlier this year when we had lunch with Jeremy.  J. is an amazing young Marine that has not given up his faith after deploying before and having 2 wives leave him and he is only 29. We have put on 3 WElcome Home Celebrations with free catered food from RUBIOS Mexican Grill and other great restaurants, free ice cream, Cricket Calling for military overseas, free stage, sound by best Taylor Audio, and many amazing artists have written songs for the WElcome HOmes and performed from DAn Truman of Diamond Rio, to Canada's #1 Country Independent ARtist Alison Janisse who's song about a soldier written by a Nashville songwriter Tamara Lynn, and mother of a soldier herself with PTSD, made it to #1 3 weeks in a row on the US independent country charts in 08, as well as local artists like the Osmond 2nd Generation, Angela Winston, The Moleni Brothers, Alex Boye, Pleasantree, Jaden Bliss and others.  When J. mentioned that he loved Colin Ray more than any other artists, and introduced us to WEndy, we were excited to have a Utah hometown famous artist like Colin RAy who has the most number of popular songs I have heard of any artist that so many know and love to ask to Welcome Home along with J.'s Marine Battalion, 600 other Soldiers from Utah who are serving overseas till next July.  WE would invite all military and their families as our guests of honor to thank them for their sacrifices and hope to raise with public ticket sales, the annual $16,000 we need to raise to pay for the shipping of the Operation Ensuring Christmas CAre packages we ship each year to deployed Military.  We have shipped over 3,003 care packages to date. They are very special and a copy of concert and packaging wishes from all in Utah are put into those care packages for our deployed brave heroes.  Please come see all the pictures and videos on our site of what we have done since 2007 at www.letterstosoldiers.org 

WE would love to work around your schedule next year when your band is in Utah and have a day you could WElcome Home and Thank our Military Servicemembers anytime after June when they have returned from AFghanistan and Iraq.  For some of these selfless men and women, it is their 3rd tour away from home.  They have sacrificed so much for us and they so deserve the biggest WElcome HOme here in Utah, don't you think?  Please keep us posted of your schedule for next year as you find out, and let us know what we need to do, to provide, stage, lighting, really great sound by Shawn Taylor of Taylor Audio that has donated his services with us since 2008, and what else we need to do to work this out together. 

 Again Dave, Thank you for taking the time and effort to help us thank our troops we all love, " 

Army  Reserve Welcome Home Celebration and Change of Command

Brigade Chaplain S. Denise and NEw Chaplain W. Best MExican Food by RUBIOS Mexican Grill donated 220 lunches for the event.

Wow, What a spread!

Soldiers write Sign Thank You Card Letters to Soldiers made for RUBIOS and WalMart

Brigade Commander wives and kids love 1500 4th of July WElcome HOme Cards made by Cache and Logan Valley Schools.

All loved making a card for deployed military

Kids loved Koopuwa Juice

LIndon WalMart donated the most beautiful custom Welcome HOme Cakes

Wow Thank you for the Surprise Plaque. FRG "Volunteers are the Spice of Life" Banner and great T-shirts Rebecca our Volunteer loves hers.

  These soldiers painted this on the Base   ANd it is one the T-shirt they gave us. Thank you Great Art Work.

Doesn't get any better than this.

"We are excited to have you as a guest tomorrow, especially after all you have done for the unit.   Everything starts at 9am at the  high school, I would recommend coming 15 minutes early for a good seat.

Also, we will not need the banners there are already decorations setup.  We will have a designated table for Letters to Soldiers, that you can put up a banner and the cards.  This will be available for you after the ceremonies.

If you have any questions, please call me."

S. M.

Yellow Ribbon Liasion


We are thrilled to have gotten Rubios to donate the 220 lunches for the families of soldiers, Lindon WalMart to donate 4 cakes, Capri Sun drinks for kids and eating supplies.  Thank you Pictures coming of the Amazing Welcome Home Celebration!!! Rubios and Lindon Walmart really outdid themselves. What a great lunch the Commanders, soldiers and families loved it. Thank you leadership of Battalion and RUBIOS and WalMart Jackie.

WELCOME HOME TROOPS CELEBRATION in Utah fell through so Texas friends picking up the slack. Thanks LArry Wish Utah could plan something like this for our Brave Men and Women. Maybe next year with Colin Raye's Manager?

We were so honored to Thank Commander Edwards of the 4918 VFW Post for their $700 in donations for shipping care packages, their help for the past two years and for his dedicated service to the  Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Seamen and their families for so many years.  His Daughter AMy with husband just returned from Deployement Sgt. N., his son in law helped us pay tribute to Commander Edwards.  He is very dear to all of us. Thank you to our dear friends Lonny Jensen, Peggy and Jeff and others of the Patriot Guard Riders for your help in presenting this award in the most honorable way at the VFW Convention. And thank you Airport Hilton Managers for donating the Patriot Guard Riders' lunch.

Ruby Warner, VFW Chet W. wife accepted our Award Plaque for his 2 dozen hand made Wooden Cribbage boards that were shipped to the Soldiers.


Our sponsor of our Fundraising with getting healthy, fit and helping others program for the military has already sold over 3,100 of these tickets to military with Red ARmed Forces T-shirts for the whole family to the Stadium of Fire.  Watch for our MAAKOA website coming soon. Ask us for a free donated sample which MAAKOA has offered to donate enough for 1,600 care packages to military this year.

 We forwarded this to soldiers of Units of  Army Reservists. and they were so excited to hear about it at their welcome at SL Airport last night:


I just had some ideas to run by you for the Welcome Home.
Thank you for your efforts with our unit and our FRG. We so appreciate you."

J.  FRG LeaderBanners from Excelsior Academy in Tooele made the Airport Baggage Claim so welcoming and the unit T-shirts looked so cool and we love our Blue One you gave to us, thank you

We loved giving the families expecting their soldiers back flags and cards.

Meeting Col.  and family that received the 105 special care packages last October for the Battalion was really great.

Landon designed the T-shirt drawing while serving in Afghanistan this last tour.  They are really cool.


The WElcome Home huge Banners from Excelsior School and 4th of July cards from AF JR High were a big hit!!

Fox 13, KSL and ABC4 were there to film it.


) We hope that Freedom Festival people will give a Thank you and WElcome HOme to the Army Reseve at the Stadium of Fire. We also hope that they will have LEtters to Soldiers be there to help raise the funds to ship deploying military their care packages this year like we shipped 500 care packages to these soldiers last Christmas."


Stadium of Fire

Tickets for the Military

June 3, 2010


The Board of Trustees of America’s Freedom Festival has established a relationship this year with Maakoa and they will be the Stadium of Fire presenting sponsor.  The Board also discussed their desire to share the event with Military personnel and provide specially priced tickets to the event.  It was decided to offer tickets to Military families for $10 per seat and give the people at Maakoa the opportunity to sell and distribute the tickets.  We are pleased to offer this ticket at a significantly reduced price only for those associated with Military assignments.

The following items have been established for ticket purchase and distribution:

1-Tickets can be purchased at the Maakoa corporate offices at 727 N. 1550 E. Suite 100 in Orem, Utah between the hours of 8-4 pm during the weeks of June 7 to June 18.  OR you can call Maakoa Customer Service at 1-877-996-2256.

2-Tickets are $10 and will include a t-shirt to be worn during the show

3-Military ID or dependent ID must be presented when picking up tickets.  Military ID # must be given when purchasing tickets by phone.

4-Tickets purchased by phone can be picked up on July 3rd at the Maakoa booth at Street Heat west of the Lavell Edwards Stadium.  The booth will be open from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm


5/25/10 Can anyone volunteer this weekend at our booth?:



Utah Scottish Association
Highland Games & Scottish Festival

June 11th & 12th  Thanksgiving Point: 
  The Scottish Highland Games or "Heavy Events" are the modem continuation of this ancient Celtic tradition. Each event you watch today may look like a simple matter of brute strength, but each also requires excellent timing, balance and technique (they also require a kilt!). All military have been invited and if in uniform get in FREE.  Concerts each night, and all day, dancers, bag pippers, scottish food, and more.

There are seven traditional events: Braemar Stone, Open Stone, Weight for Distance, Hammer, Sheaf, Weight over Bar, and Caber Toss.

Come visit the LEtters To Soldiers Red, White & Blue booth next to military recruiters!!!  "This is a follow-up on our phone conversation today.

Thank you for your interest in our festival. From personal experience, I can tell you that what you do for the deployed military is very much appreciated. I will be happy to provide space for your 10X10 booth at our festival. As we discussed, feel free to advertise that admission is free for active military in uniform.

We should have plenty of room where the military recruiters will be and you should fit right in. Festival hours are 5-10pm Friday the 11th and 9-10pm Saturday the 12th. Setup and teardown are all day prior and immediately following the festival. I will provide admission wristbands for you and your assistant. Please plan to have your vehicle removed from the festival grounds 1 hour prior to opening. I will send out a map of your field location when it is complete. Feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.


Daniel Hill

2010 Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games /

2010 Cache Valley Celtic Festival & Highland Games

Executive Director

Utah Scottish Association

Second Vice President

Thank you Ashwani for offering to sponsor and help with our booth with your Mortgage Company


"From our star teacher in Cache Valley School District collecting all the 4th of July Cards for our Utah soldiers from Logan and Cache Valley School Districts:


I am so impressed to hear that our valley schools' letters are going to something of such importance. There are many. I have read only a few and they have brought tears to my eyes. I will call Lonny and then give your number to my teacher friend. Her name is Ilene D. Should she not be able to make the delivery I will contact you and see how I can get them down there or if there is someone in between you know that can meet me and get them to you.  I have many letters, though, about 1500 of them. Be in touch. Sherese"

"Just to give you an update, we have approximately 650 letters ready to send to you for distribution.  We fell slightly short of our goal, but wanted to send them now to make the deadline."

Lauren Johnson
 Thanks, FHS Community Leadership Commission
"Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
~ Harold R. McAlindon

Thank you Mr. YOung and AF Jr. HIgh teachers and students for the banners and cards in your 3rd year. YOu wonderful Pocket Flag program has donated 8,000 flags to deployed soldiers.  Great Job!!

From some of our STAR amazing volunteers like Shirleen, DAV (Disabled Veterans) Auxiliary President in Brigham City, Utah that made and collected from her auxiliary 476 hand made Christmas Stockings in 2009:

"Good morning Denice.

 Yes I am the one here in Brigham City. I currently have 656 stockings done. My DAV Auxiliary has been working on this. .

Thanks for all you are doing."

P.S. Sorry we cannot attend any of these events. Have forwarded this on to someone that may be interested. Thanks for the invite anyway See you in Oct. with Christmas Stockings.

Shirleen B. Brigham City" From our 2nd place Stocking Maker/Coordinator of Volunteers with 476 stokcings in 2009!!!

"5/21/10 On our Director's BDay the best gift she got was knowing that the Letters to Soldiers Program she started can be there for this MArine Battalion of 1,000 while they deploy to Afghanistan this year with our very special friend CPL J.

Dear Denise,

My name is Chaplain K.

I am the Chaplain for Marines.

CPL J. said he goes to church with you and you wanted me to contact you about care packages for our Marines and Sailors for Christmas, while we are deployed in Afghanistan.

Thank you for your willingness to support the Marines and Sailors

I am also coping our Family Readiness Officer, J. as he will also be a good contact source for you during our deployment.

Thank you again.


K. Chaplain



5/19/10 "Please know how appreciated you are and that our troops adore you and your organization.  I sent a laudetory email about all that you have done for us to the new Brigade Commander the Sunday of our last Battle Assembly. "




5/18/10 Wow we love our UTah Schools and their teachers, principals, secretaries, students and parents:

Hey Denise

I have asked both Logan and Cache school districts to forward emails about Letters to Soldiers and to have them ready by May 27. The first email went out over two months ago, the last time we talked on the phone and a reminder email went out this week (to all district personnel in both districts). Also, as part of the email it mentioned that the school with the most letters would get a prize. I am wondering what prize you have in mind, two for each district. I also need to know where I can drop off letters the following week (first week of June). I have a teacher friend who lives in American Fork who has offered to drive letters down to be delivered. Is American Fork where the letters will be delivered. Time is getting short so let me know so I can plan ahead. Thanks, Sherese"  ( I wish I had a teacher like you in each school district in Utah.  Have her call me when she gets the letters to American Fork and I can go pick them up.  It might be perfect for our airport Welcome with Banners in June and then the rest will be used for the July 10th WElcome HOme in Pleasant Grove catered by Rubios and Lindon WalMart for the  ARmy REservists coming back from AFghanistan.  This is just great!!!

I have an amazing set of prizes for the schools from Provo Craft and Robert's Crafts of scrapbooking supplies and beautiful paper for the winning school with the most 4th of July cards and look forward to coming to that school before school lets out. If there is an assembly going on let me know so I can come award the school, teachers and students.  We will be shipping 1,600 care packages this year to deployed soldiers and marines and will need at least 16,000 Christmas Cards.  Thank you so much for your hard work and wonderful support for our Utah soldiers, marines, seamen and airmen.  With wonderful people like you and DAV commander George Duke that for two years has collected cards from WAshington County schools, we have had so many wonderful cards and banners for our deployed soldiers to know they are loved.  We have collected over 50,000 letters and cards in 3 yrs.) With just one Orem handful of volunteers Letters to Soldiers has been able to ship  over 3,000 care packages to deployed soldiers, marines, seamen and airmen compared to the National 30 chapter organization Operation Homefront our mentor that has shipped 20,000 care packages. 


Dear Denise,

Derryl has finally had a chance to review your e-mail and can offer up to 200 tickets to your (military) families, between October 13 and 30.  If you can make the announcement and tell them the limit—it’s first come, first served--that would be best. Then, you can provide a list of names to us no later than 24 hours prior to the performance. 

Derryl wanted you to understand that he is happy to help, but Thriller is the production that carries us through the rest of the year, and we need to sell as many tickets as we can.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks and best wishes,"Annie


"Hey There, How have ya been?

I am planning a new event. Military appreciation day on 09-11-2010.

Benefiting The wounded G.I.

Everyone in attendance will be required to write a letter to a soldier. expecting 4000 to 400000. So I will need to talk to you in the future, as to how this can be handled."

Thank-You...."Doctor Larry" C. Krueger, President of Texas Soldiers.

05/09/10  80 Mothers' Day Gift Baskets were loved by soldiers of Army Reservists, Thank you Neways, Nature's Sunshine, Lindon Nursery, Roberts Crafts, Salt City Candles and others that helped make them special with your generous donations. Pics coming!


I am attaching a flyer and Press release for the national Day of Prayer. If you can get the work out to your social circles that would be great.

Have you heard about the program “Operation Hi Mom” sponsored by canvasondemand.com? They will donate a canvas (from a photo) of active duty military for mothers day. I saw it in a magazine.

Hope to see you at National Day of Prayer it will be an amazing event!


"Dear Denise,

The next performances are Thriller in October. Do you want 200 to one performance or just over the course of the run? (we would like to invite the families of the NG deployed soldiers this year if they would RSVP) Thank you Derryl, this is so generous!!!

 Best wishes,

 Annie of Odyssey Dance Theatre"

My name is Lonny and I'm a member of The Patriot Guard Riders in Utah. I could not help but read your post to Kurt about the 500 Soldiers welcome home. I know that our members here in Utah would love to be part of this awesome occasion"


My Buddy Lte. Col. F.in Iraq just sent me this.

MOther's Day Baskets for Army Reserve Battalion:

 80 Potted Flowers Donated by Lindon Nursery!! 80 US Flags donated by Colonial Flags!!

Lindon WalMart will be making special Welcome Home Cakes and providing supplies for the Change of Command/Welcome HOme Luncheon!!!

thanks so much for all you do for us. "

J.  FRG Leader

Special delivery to two Army Reserve wives: Heather  and kids, and Amy . and Jesse on Mother's Day in Lehi

Salt City Candles smelled of Banana Cream Pie, Cinnamon Apple, Blueberry, and so much more that all the soldiers loved to take home to mothers and wives.  Letters to soldiers director made the red,white and blue bows, lined tissue paper in baskets, and greeting for 80 baskets ready to fill with: Nature's Sunshine Eye REfining Cream

NEWAYS Blush and Eye Shadow compacts.

LIndon Nursery gave us 80 colored pots of flowers.

For the most beautiful Mother's Day BAskets for the FRG of the USAR in Pleasant Grove.  

04/15/10 "About donating some candles for your gift baskets (for Mothers Day for wives and mothers of soldiers coming home from 405th):. We do have 80- 4oz candles to donate to your organization. I just need to know where to ship them to.  The candles are ready now and are in the following quantities and fragrances:

12- Frosted Cinnamon Rolls

8- Banana Cream Pie

12- Blueberry Muffin

12- Carameled Apple

12- Fruit Tart

12- Homemade Root Beer

12- Pink Lemonade


Luke Poulsen

Salt City Candle

Today we are picking up All Natural Makeup for 80 ARMY Soldier Mothers and wives from NEWAYS International and Wonderful Women's Products from NATURE'S SUNSHINE.  WE sure love these sponsors of 4 years that also give so many products to fill our soldiers' care packages each year.  THank you to all these wonderful local sponsors. Thank You Captivated Candids for Certificates:


These gift Baskets Donated By Letters To Soldiers.org

Captivated Candids Gift Certificate

                                                                                                  www.captivatedcandids.com                                                                                                     www.captivatedcandids.blogspot.com

                                           Date April 23, 2010

 For the wives of the soldiers from  the soldiers coming from Afghanistan. We thank you!

 For 20% off any photo session (excluding mini sessions and weddings)                       Cami Tribe, Captivated Candids

                                                                                                                                           floral_swirls.jpg swirls image by starryluminescenceAuthorized signature

Gift certificate can not be transferred. Can not be used with other coupons. No cash back. Expires 1 year from issue date. Please email captivatedcandids@gmail.com

or call 801.687.3885 to set up an appointment.  Please mention coupon when scheduling appointment and bring coupon to photo session.













We met with Unit of soldiers last night and mother of two soldiers and leader of the family support group asked me if one of the schools could make a banner for their fundraisers:

"Support Your FRG" in big letters Thank you

The planning committee for Welcome HOme meeting Wednesday this week. 

We are also collecting women's things like flowers, candles, personal care products, gift certificates for the wives and mothers of soldiers deployed for Mother's Day Thank you Nature's Sunshine and Salt City Candles for stepping up with products so far. Did you know that Nature's Sunshine wonderful Natural Supplements around for over 40 yrs now, has a program called "Little Heroes" that has an NBA Basketball Camp for kids and invites military kids for free? Check out their site. They also have wonderful samples of a new powdered Energy Drink that they will give to us to put in this year's soldier's packages.  http://www.naturessunshine.com/us/products/


Our school is writing letters to troops – we hope to get around 350 plus a banner.  How and where should we send them once we’ve collected them all?"

Heather M.
11th Grade Dean
Kent Denver School

My name is April D., and I am a 3rd grade Language Arts teacher at Tatum Primary School in Tatum, Texas. I am interested in having my students create posters and cards to send. I was wondering if I could get more information on this? If I had my students make banners, where and how would I send these? Also, If we made cards, what is the address for me to send these to? I teach 115 3rd grade students, and I could have all of them create a card."
Thank you,
April D.
3rd Grade L/A
Tatum Primary

I am the sponsor of the National Jr Honor Society at Bedford Jr High (Bedford, Texas).  We are interested in writing letters to soldiers.  I noticed on the website that you were asking for Fourth of July cards and banners. If the students make banners/cards, where do we mail them?"

Tracy R.

Bedford Jr High

3/30/10 "Dear Letters to Soldiers,

I work with the California 4-H Youth Development Program and coordinate a civics conference for high school students.  Our students will attend this citizenship event June 25-29, 2010.  I’ve attached an overview of our event.  We incorporate a service project into each year’s conference and are interested in knowing more about your July 4th banners for soldiers.  Can you please send me information?

Thank you."

Patricia E. , 4-H YD Program Representative

ANR-CA 4-H Youth Development Program

University of CA

3/25/10  Excelsior Academy Middle School made the most amazing and very artistic banners to welcome home our soldiers: You pick the winner:  We hope to welcome home the 96th and the 405th ARmy Reservists with these:

"We are interested in participating in the card and banner 4th of July service project. We are looking for more information about the project - dates, materials, etc. We have a middle school class which focuses on service as part of the curriculum. We use Fridays as our service days. We would love to set up a time in April for you to come. We have 5 periods of classes which participate in Synergy Service Fridays.

Thanks!" Rebecca Peterson Character Development and Service Education Excelsior Academy Middle School (Thank you Mrs. Wood for picking up and dropping these off to us.)

"Hi!  I am a teacher in Pittsburgh.  I noticed that you need banners from schools.  I would like to do this for you.  Can you send me some more information? Thanks,"  Rachel Scholze 

Look at the soldiers welcomed home with these great banners: ARMY Reserve soldiers come home from Afghanistan:

From the schools:

(this is one banner)

Want to borrow any of these for your WElcome HOme party, please contact us info@letterstosoldiers.org

03/26/10 "Denise, let me know the date asap when you get it so I can see if I don’t already have something booked and come support your great cause.  thanks,   Connie Operation Military kids."


o3/12/10 Thank you Applebee's for Dinner Certificates for Giveaway,  Rumbi Island Grill for 4 certificates, Cafe Rio for 4 certificates, and Artic Circle for 150 2 for 1 certificates, Tucanos for Free Dessert Certificates.  Thank you Daryl and Annie for Odyssey Dance Theatre tickets to give to our military and families.

03/02/10 "Ma'am,

 Heard that you can assist with our homecoming celebration - sounds  wonderful. What do you need from us?  "Deadeye - Ready",

 LTC T. Deputy Brigade Commander Army Reserve Brigade.

03/04/10 The Army Reserve  Commanders are very supportive and excited about this WElcome Home for their soldiers. They will be putting this in their newsletter, website and if we get Rockport State Park Reservation, they will bring their families to camp, fish, and come with soldiers to help set up huge tents.  We need to have other volunteers come do this for them, and put up 4th of July Thank You and Welcome Home Banners all over.  We are very grateful to the 405th.  Our meeting at Los Hermanos with Lte. S. and Sgt. H., and FRG Newsletter editor H. was just wonderful.  Thank you

2/25/10 Ricky Haynie, owner of All Access Recreation Club and former military himself wants to offer his boat and wake boarding for the military and their families. 

02/19/10  Update  Ryan Manager of Murray RUBIOS best fish tacos with special sauce, great fresh salsas, and other great Mexican food is talking to their District MAnager about providing food for the event!! Wow they are the best tacos!!!!

Schools and Scouts on board with cards and banners: Cache Valley, and other schools districts are making beautiful 4th of July Cards and our School Committee Chairman Frank is coordinating.

"My mentoring group is going to work with our fourth graders this Saturday on writing cards to soldiers, and I came across your organization on the web.  We would love to write Fourth of July cards and make banners."

Thank you.

 Marta Woodward

STEP Program, Washington, DC

Hello I am Stephanie from New York, 
In April our Girl Scout community is holding a service workshop day. My senior G.S troop expressed to me how much they would like to show their gratitude to the troops overseas. I am wondering if we can have our community help you reach your July 4th card goal. Any feedback and information would be great, so we can begin to gather supplies and volunteers."
                                                            Thank you, Stephanie

"We are interested in participating in the card and banner 4th of July service project. We are looking for more information about the project - dates, materials, etc. We have a middle school class which focuses on service as part of the curriculum. We use Fridays as our service days. We would love to set up a time in April for you to come. We have 5 periods of classes which participate in Synergy Service Fridays. (Banner paper picked up for 9 Banners by teacher Monica Wood 03/16/10)

Thanks!" Rebecca Peterson Character Development and Service Education Excelsior Academy Middle School


Our cub scout troop would like to send some letters to our soldiers.  We have currently about 100 letters ready to send.  How can we get these letters sent off to someone?  I see on your website that we can have you print and send one, but these have children's handwriting and coloring on them so we would like to send them.  Can you help or recommend a contact for me?"


Chris Zempel



"IDES OF SOUL" OF PARK CITY Come hear them play live at the Canyons:

"Denise, We have a great venue to help welcome home the troops and their families. Kevin, who owns Rockapulco, the consessions at Rockport Reservoir wants to offer up his facilities. Rockport is about 15 miles East of Park City. We held our Rhythm & Blues Rondezvous there last summer, and will do so again in September. The Rockport State park has all the necessary facities, we have BBQ's, Water trampolins for the kids, fishing, wave runners, boats, canoes, etc. If this sounds like it would be a great venue, we will make arrangements with the ranger, who will certainly support it. Call me and I will give you Kevin's phone number, and you can talk with him direct. We all want to make this an enjoyable welcome home for the troops and their families." Greg Daniels (Planning Committee working on these potential plans)

 and at http://www.reverbnation.com/idesofsoul

The tightest RnB, Blues, Rock and Soul musicians you will ever dance to. Come out all you WEst Coast Swing Dancers.

Collectively the members of Ides of Soul have been playing music for over 250 years. Individually or collectively, the members of Ides of Soul have openned up for or have backed many of National Blues and R&B musicians traveling through Utah, including BB King, Coco Montoya, Tommy Castro, Debbie Davies, Kenny Neal, Charlie Musselwhite, Leon Russell, etc. Considered "Journeymen" by their peers, Ides of Soul load their live performances with high energy, in your face, shuffles and swingtime songs.

Rockport State Park

Rockport State Park Rockport State Park & Reservoir features first-rate, year-round fishing, waterskiing, swimming, sailboarding and sailboating. It is 45 miles east of Salt Lake City near Wanship on State Route 32. Eight campgrounds offer both developed and primitive camping in a variety of settings. A cross-country ski trail is available during the winter, and ice fishing also is popular.

Rockport State Park Information

  •   Acres - 550
  •   Elevation - 6,000 ft.
  •   Park Open - All Year
  •   Reservations Accepted - 5/10-9/15
  •   Stay Limit - 14 Days
  •   Total Units - 86
  •   RV Trailer Sites - 36
  •   Maximum RV Length - 40 ft.
  •   Tent Sites - 86
  •   Camping Fee - $10-$20
  •   Day-use Fee - $9
  •   $75 annual passes are available at Rockport State Park Visitor Center
  •   Picnicking
  •   Group Pavilion
  •   Drinking Water
  •   Modern Rest Rooms
  •   Vault Toilets
  •   Showers
  •   Waste Disposal
  •   Utility Hookups
  •   Boating
  •   Fishing
  •   Swimming
  •   Hiking/Biking Trails Nearby
  •   Watchable Wildlife
  •   Winter Activities - Fishing, X-country skiing Rockport Sports & Recreation has snowmobiles

Information about fees, reservations, and regulations.

For updated information regarding facilities for the physically challenged, contact the park.

Rockport State Park
9040 North State Hwy. 302
Peoa, Utah 84061-9702
(435) 336-2241

Information Courtesy of Utah State Parks and Recreation





Anyone know how to reach this amazing 7 yr old  Anthony Gargiula that over 4 million people have watched singing the National Anthem?